Casa Turkey has been established for domestic market in 1989 and started to export in 1996 to EUROPEAN countries as a shirt supplier. In June 2000 we moved to our facility in Buca which let us grow in the market by increasing our capacity.

Meanwhile, we began the preparations of developing our own collection by the name of GRANJA. In 2002, we have started developing our own collection to provide the best service to our customers.

We have expanded our capacity in the following years, moved to our new building in June 2005, which is very close to the old one and we have started to manufacture woven blouses, dresses for women & children besides the shirts. Today we are one of the leading companies in top woven production in Turkey.

In year 2006, we have expanded our boundaries and established a new company in Egypt, 100% owned by CASA (TR) with Turkish management. In April 2007, we have started production and export from CASA EGYPT, Cairo.

We have the advantages of using our know-how in Egypt with the same quality and service as in Turkey but with the most reasonable prices. We are currently producing and exporting to European companies as well as to US customer groups with the advantages of the QIZ agreement.

IIn 2011, because of the public revolution against the government in Egypt, we have stopped the production in our own factory, and continue our production with our approved subcontractors. Since 2011, we have added TUNISIA as the 2nd foreign country into our production range.