Our subcontractors have been audited and approved by leading retail brands of Europe; including H&M, Marks&Spencer, Inditex. And they are also being audited & approved by third party organisations such as SGS.

We may manufacture organic products as well since some of our subcontractors have Organic Certification.

All of our subcontractors are following broken needle procedures.

We also have a conveyor metal detector.


Samples and patterns are developed in our quality oriented sampling department. All making instructions & cutting layouts and approved samples are dispatched from this department.


Finished fabrics are checked 10% prior to cutting by a fabric inspection machine. All fabric rolls are inspected 100% when some major faults are seen.

We have a process control procedure which our inspectors control every step of the production at our subcontractors.

When the products are ready for shipment, they are inspected by our quality control team according to AQL standards. The shipments take place only after the approval of our QC team.