Profile of Casa

We produce all types of woven shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses with a product scale of 40% women, 40% men and 20% Children. We are able to use all types of woven fabric such as 100% Cotton qualities, cotton mixtures, cotton-elastane, polyester, viscose, other fibre mixtures on yarn dyed, uni dyed, all over printed, jacquard, knits, laces and denim fabrics up to 7,5 oz. Our products are exported to:

Our Philosophy

Our main target is customer satisfaction and having customer continuity. Our aim is to meet our customers’ needs and to be the best for service, quality, price and design. To get the best result, our team works with all their experience on the workflow and quality. We also have the big advantage of having a wide range of fabric research and working with the best suppliers. Fabrics used for our products can be sourced from local market, Europe or Far East in order to meet our customers’ demands.

We are one of the few companies which can quote several options to the customer with using the advantage of having different production countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. In order to give the best price and service, we evaluate the needs of our customers and assign the most suitable production unit according to those needs.